Build your own ecommerce delivery assistant

Deliverychatbot guides the customer in a fluid way thanks to a personalized interaction editor that will help you to build your own AI chatbot app dialogue.

DeliveryChatbot is an intelligent conversational agent capable of interacting with humans in natural language via a messaging service hosted on your website.

It is important to distinguish two types of bots:

A bot is like a mobile app, but the interface is different. We talk about "conversational user interface".

Use DeliveryChatbot to create a conversation with your users, engage them with some predefined scenarios to collect their order, location and address.


The chatbot: a tool at the service of customer knowledge

DeliveryChatbot streamlines the visitor's journey, offering an unilimited creation of bots and scenarios.

At each stage,it can offer to the user to choose between the best products, add a rating or ask for a question.

Don't let your online visitors check the price on a competitor's website. The DeliveryChabot app can ask questions and refines the visitor's profile: his needs, his centers of interest, lifestyle or budget.

Collect data on your users and build new scenarios using our smart bot tool.


Trigger other bots using RPA services such as Zapier or IFTTT

You can easily use to integrate your online bots with other services. Create a Zapier or IFTTT from an email and start to interact with thousands of third-party apps.

Use our smart builder to create a custom scenario and start integrating with other services. DeliveryChatbit constitutes a powerful ally for ecommerce and delivery services that are seeking for an easy to use solution to build a chat bot app.


A chatbot at the service of customer loyalty.

Beyond this privileged relationship with the client, the chatbot can encourage conversion by offering to subscribe to a newsletter or event, download a guide, get a discount for a purchase ...

The Deliverychatbot is an affordable and lightweight solution in development: Investing in Deliverychatbot is often lower that other available solutions; We are working hard to provide the best chat bot app tool for delivery services.

Quickly profitable, it represents an alternative to setting up a site or an application at a much lower cost and design time. Once online, Deliverychatbot will provide a new powerful source of new business leads.


Provide personalized support throughout the User journey

Adapt the DeliveryChatbot to the request and proposals of its contact to provide it with a tailor-made experience and meet its expectations.

Guarantee direct and seamless access to brand information for a simplified experience:

Users don't need to download or provide additional request, no registration to do and no password to remember, the DeliveryChatbot is accessible directly from your website or thought an URL.

Provides answers in real time and at any time: available at any time, 7 days a week, the chatbot responds without delay, with precision to the questions.


Why do companies use to offer delivery services to their customers?

They get new businesses opportunites offering a direct access fot their clients, adapted to their market. You can completely customised DeliveryChatbot (content, layout) and get notifications on your mobile (SMS, Slack, Email). This is an opportunity to develop customer support functions developed on automated responses: DeliveryChatbot makes chatbot technology available to every delivery business! 


How to install DeliveryChatbot and provide a chatbot for delivery orders?

Simply install the chat bot by copy pasting 1 line of code!

You can completely edit and create unlimited chatbots:



Customise the chatbot to answer your own business needs. We offer a complete solution to customise the interactions with your online users.

Create a custom chatbot scenario and start collecting new delivery leads from your customers:


DeliveryChatbot is the ultimate solution to interact with your online users and get new delivery leads!